This is a living, searchable database gathering past and current incidents of police violence against women of color, including both trans and non-trans women of color.

Entries can be sorted by column or filtered by a wide variety of options using the drop down menus and search boxes below.  Be sure to take action where you can: many entries have links to ways you can support survivors or family members. 

This database contains cases referenced in Invisible No More, and many that aren't included in the book. It certainly does not represent all instances of police violence against Black women and women of color - please feel free to add more cases by clicking here: Share a case

In order to protect the privacy of individuals who are still living and who have not elected to speak extensively to the media or participate in legal proceedings, in some cases names and sources have been omitted from the public database. 

Thanks to Alexis Pegues and Levi Craske for their substantial contributions to creating this database.

wdt_ID Year Name City State (2-ltr) Race Age Abuse Type Description Source name URL Take Action Consequences More filters:
1 2001 [redacted name] Encinitas CA Latina (?) unk Sexual A border enforcement agent who was questioning a woman “asked if she worked as a prostitute;” then he made her pull her shirt up and touched her, while looking around to make sure no one was around. He made her pull her pants and underwear down and penetr Whose Safety?: Women of Color and Violence by Law Enforcement POLICING PROSTITUTION    
2 2009 [redacted name] New York City NY Black unk Physical This woman was ticketed by police for "loitering for the purposes of prostitution" when she was just getting a snack from a store. When she went into the precinct to complain, she was verbally assaulted with transphobic slurs, tackled to the ground, handc Invisible No More: Police Violence against Black Women and Women of Color TRANS/GNC POLICING PROSTITUTION    
3 2003 Diane Bond Chicago IL Black 50 Sexual / Physical Diane was slammed against a wall as police stormed her house. After assaulting her son and son's friend, they forced her to perform an invasive cavity search on herself while they watched. This violent incident was part of a string of encounters that the Invisible Institute Diane successfully sued and won an undisclosed amount of money from the city. MOTHER HOMELESS WAR ON DRUGS POLICING PROSTITUTION    
4 2003 Toni Collins Washington DC Black unk Sexual Toni recounted how, while working as a sex worker, she was forced to have sex with police multiple times. Police would threaten her that if she didn't have sex with them, they would arrest her for prostitution. "Disposable People,” The Intelligence Report TRANS/GNC POLICING PROSTITUTION    
5 2018 Geraldine Townsend Bartlesville OK Black 72 Fatal Geradline, an elderly woman, was shot a pellet gun at police officers while they arrested her son for alleged marijuana possession. They responded by shooting and killing her. Washington Post MOTHER WAR ON DRUGS    
6 2018 Crystaline Barnes Jackson MS Black 21 Fatal Police accounts report that college student Crystaline was attempting to run a motorist off the road with her car. When they showed up, she allegedly tried to run her car into police. Police fired over 10 times at Crystaline, killing her. WAPT MOTHER    
7 2018 [name redacted] La Mesa CA Black 17 Physical A high school student was violently thrown to the ground twice, tackled, and arrested by police on her campus while she was trying to escape. Police allegedly were summoned when the student refusing to leave campus after being suspended. NBC 7 The officer was merely reassigned. SCHOOL    
8 2018 Bethany Renee Nava Los Angeles CA Asian 18 Physical An 18 year old was physically and violently dragged off the Red Line subway and then arrested allegedly for having her feet up on the seat. A bystanster was also arrested. Her wrist was sprained and she received other contusions from the arrest. KTLA    
9 2017 Tatyana Hargrove Bakersfield CA Black 19 Physical Tatyana was on her bike and reached into her backpack to grab some water. 3 police cars approached her, officers demanded that she give them her backpack, punched and violently arrested her and let their police dog bite her. They later claimed they mistoo Washington Post
10 2017 Desiree Collins St. Paul MN Black 52 Physical While taking out the trash, Desiree was viciously attacked by a police dog who bit her arms and legs while police told her "you're fine." Police claimed they were looking for a burglary suspect. Washington Post The officer was given one day suspension. A lawsuit is currently being filed against the police force. DISABILITY