This is a living, searchable database gathering past and current incidents of police violence against women of color, including both trans and non-trans women of color.

Entries can be sorted by column or filtered by a wide variety of options using the drop down menus and search boxes below.  Be sure to take action where you can: many entries have links to ways you can support survivors or family members. 

This database contains cases referenced in Invisible No More, and many that aren't included in the book. It certainly does not represent all instances of police violence against Black women and women of color - please feel free to add more cases by clicking here: Share a case

In order to protect the privacy of individuals who are still living and who have not elected to speak extensively to the media or participate in legal proceedings, in some cases names and sources have been omitted from the public database. 

Thanks to Alexis Pegues and Levi Craske for their substantial contributions to creating this database.

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