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About In Our Names

“In Our Names” was birthed from a one-day Network Gathering held on June 16th, 2016 at the Allied Media Conference at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. At the Network Gathering, participants identified a need for an online hub featuring organizing resources, including a timeline of police violence against Black women, girls, gender nonconforming folks and femmes and resistance, and information to support and amplify efforts to raise awareness of and build resistance around Black women, girls, gender nonconforming folks and femmes’ experiences of police violence. Please visit the website for more information and toolkits, videos, reports, pamphlets, petitions, and more!

The Say Her Name/Black Trans Lives Matter Network Gathering was organized by a loose network of individuals who have been engaged in work centering police violence against and criminalization of Black women – trans and not trans, queer and not queer – girls, and femmes. The gathering was not affiliated with any particular organization or formation laying claim to either of the hashtags referenced in the title, but rather brought together any and all folks across the country organizing in the spirit of both. Individuals on the planning team included survivors of police violence, family members of Black women killed by police, and people who are or have been part of organizations that have centered Black women, girls and femmes’ experiences of police violence, including INCITE!, Survived and Punished, Love and Protect, Black Feminist Futures, BYP100, Trans Oral History Project, Women with a Vision, and Black Women’s Blueprint.


Alisa Bierria
Andrea Jenkins
Andrea Ritchie
Ashara Ekundayo
Bré Campbell
Deana Lewis
Deon Haywood
Desiree Evans
Eb. Brown
John Trimble
LaLa Zannell
Maria Moore
Monica Jones
Naimah Johnson
Paige Watkins
Paris Hatcher
Rachel Caïdor
Rachel Williams
Shana Griffin