Audiobook Except: Invisible No More

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Narrated by Bhani Turpin.

Ritchie’s treatise explores the state of violence on people of color–specifically, girls, women, and those transgender. This audiobook serves as the perfect companion to Angela Davis’s recently published POLICING THE BLACK MAN. To listen to narrator Bahni Turpin put voice to Ritchie’s words can be heartrending as listeners hear about numerous cases of police brutality. But it’s also inspiring as Ritchie recounts the ways in which a growing collection of groups and individuals work ceaselessly to protect those at the intersection of race, ethnicity, and gender. Turpin’s deliberate pace helps to fully realize the actions and events that Ritchie recounts while also delineating the nuances of her arguments. Overall, Turpin’s tone effectively communicates Ritchie’s frustration and anguish at this catalogue of injustice by the state.