Study Guide

Intended for use by individuals, classrooms, book clubs, and organizations, the Invisible No More Study and Discussion Guide breaks down key concepts and offers reflection questions, exercises, and self-care tips designed to make Invisible No More more accessible to students, activists, and readers of all kinds! 

The Invisible No More Study and Discussion Guide was developed using a collaborative design process shepherded by And Also Too, a collaborative design studio that works with social justice visionaries and uses community-centered design processes to make beautiful, powerful things. And Also Too believes that people are experts in their own experiences, and that everyone has the ability to participate in creative processes. They draw inspiration from the community's culture and history to co-create resources and tools that are unique, accessible, and delightful. For more information about And Also Too and their design process, please visit

The Advisory Group for the Invisible No More Study and Discussion Guide is made up of the following brilliant, visionary, and fierce leaders on the front lines for movements for justice:

Janaé Bonsu, BYP100
Eb Brown, Care Strategies
Levi Craske, Barnard Center for Research on Women
Rachel Herzing, Center for Political Education 
Naimah Johnson, Harriet's Apothecary
Patreese Johnson
Monica Jones 
Una Lee, And Also Too
Page May, Assata's Daughters
Isaac Ontiveros, Center for Political Education 

The gorgeous color illustration is by Toronto-based artist Melissa Falconer.

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More coloring courtesy of the For The People artist collective - check out their Color Me Rising coloring book!